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I keep you warm
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15% of our profit goes to a homeless project.


Strong excellent handiwork

LADAK blankets are extraordinary pieces of skilled handicraft. The starting point is afurniture blanket, which basic material consists of reclycled sweaters, blankets, jeans or parts of mattresses.
The furniture blankets are created in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Each blanket is handmade and unique and varies slightly in size. The basic size is 200 cm (78 inches) by 140 cm (54,6 inches).
They can be washed at 30 centigrade (86 F).


Fashionable warmth from LADAK
LADAK stands for warmth, comfort and protection in style:
on the beach, at a picnic or on a terrace.


Share the warmth

LADAK is socially engaged. 15% of the proceeds goes to a project for the homeless in Amsterdam.
Share the warmth.


Each blanket is unique
LADAK has named each blanket after a homeless person and/or hero.
These names, from 'Arie" to 'Willem' refer to the type of blanket.
But, just as 'Arie' is not always the same person on a Monday as he is on a Tuesday, no blanket is the same.



Ladakh is a cold, rough and remote region in India. In this part of the Himalaya there is a remarkable contrast between the rocky surroundings and the beautiful clothing of the population. When designer Jane Stroink came across a blanket chest from Ladakh, she found the brandname LADAK.

LADAK blanket Henk

SKU: 0005
€ 189,00Price
  • Made of reclycled material.
    Color: The predominantly grey blanket contains all the colours
    Size: 140 cm by 200 cm (+/-)
    Every blanket is unique, as well the size is slightly different every blanket.
    Machine wash at 40 degree

    15 % of our profits goes to a homeless project.
    Share the warmth.

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